Daily Dime Piece: Rosee Divine (21 Photos)

What’s a Kardashian?  No seriously… I forgot all about KimYe West once I saw this booty!  Her name is Rosee Divine and she’s an export from France. She’s been makin a name for herself around the entertainment industry with her measurements… 34D-24-45!

That ass has been taking over social media for quite some time now. It’s no wonder why she is getting international status. Rosee has been in countless Hip Hop videos, magazine covers and websites.  Her resume includes music videos for Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Gucci Mane, etc.  She has also been featured on the cover of magazines, including KING, XXL, SHYGIRL, SHOW, etc.  Aside from being a model, she’s also a talented artist. Her paintings can be seen here.  Make sure to check out her website and follow to her on Instagram @frenchrosebud for updated booty pics.

Do you want to date her?  Well… you possibly could!   Our research team over here at Wefux Wittit dug up some prime information.  You see, her good friend and international model Mya Hassan (@curlymya) runs a company called the Quintessential Club. Its a business that provides “ultra sophisticated matchmaking and concierge” services.  When you go to the website to see which women are available, guess who was listed in the lineup?

Check out the gallery & video below

(Click to enlarge)

Source: Instagram & Rosee Divine

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