Nike: Auto Snipers and Twitter Bots

Wondering why you’re not having any luck getting your Air Jordans online during the release date?

My oh my has the shoe game changed. Recently people have been spending money just to get the technology to buy shoes. Several computer programmers have caught on to the shoe craze and have been making scripts and bots to help people better their chances at being able to at least add the shoes to their shopping cart. If you purchase the bot for about $50 – $250, you will be able to click the sneaker release twitter link and checkout without even having to drop down the size box, click on your size, and then click on “add to cart.”

If the Niketown in your area is doing RSVP for a sneaker, you won’t even have to DM the store your size, name, and special hash-tag  All you have to do is pay the website $5 and they will handle it for you. There is no way a majority of people are going to beat these computer programs. I cant hate on the hustle. People have to adapt and come up with new ways to cop.

The Website:

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