adidas Originals Reissues the Micropacer for it’s 30th Anniversary (Photos + Video)

adidas Originals plans to reissue one of the most iconic shoes just in time for it’s 30th anniversary. With it’s original colorway release, sneakerheads from all over are bound to cop a pair on August 16th.

It’s been 30 years since the original debut of the Micropacer and it has always been a sneakerhead’s favorite. It was originally released in 1984 to coincide with the L.A. Olympics.

When the shoe was released it was way ahead of the game. From the color scheme, to the laces, to the computer, everything about the shoe was unique. Not only did it exceed in comfort & stability but it was the first shoe to have a microcomputer. There was a sensor in the big toe area that calculated every step when triggered. The microcomputer calculated distance, average pace and even calories burned. And y’all thought Nike + iPod was revolutionary!

The shoes will be released August 16th at adidas Originals and select retailers.


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