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Meet Nikki. An exotic dancer from the "beaver" state who was nice enough to answer a few questions we had on our minds (no matter how dumb the questions were!). This will be a good read for you if you've ever wondered whats goes through a stripper's mind while she's working. In this interview she takes us behind the scenes and gives insight into the Oregon strip club lifestyle.





So what’s the strip club scene like in Oregon?

Most clubs where I dance are small and there's not a lot going on. But, there are bigger clubs if you travel north to Portland. I've only worked in Portland a few times, but it's really cool. Lots of punk rock music and crazy pole tricks. There are a ton of clubs, so naturally not one specific club is always busy, it's normally a hit and miss. Money and girl wise...


Are there any regulations for strip clubs in Oregon? (Nude, Alcohol, Etc.)

Most clubs are fully nude. I believe that there are two that are only topless.  Alcohol is allowed if you're over 21 and you can drink only if you "don't get drunk". There is no touching allowed in Oregon and you can get in trouble for it if you're caught. Most girls do however, let guys touch their thighs and boobs but some managers don't like it and will stop a dance and kick out a customer and fire the dancer if they see it more than once.


Is there any criteria for picking a stage name?

Not that I've ever seen or been told. I'm sure girls are advised against names if a manager thinks it's inappropriate, or flat out just a bad name.


It rains a lot in the North West, but are Oregonians known for making it rain in a strip club?

This is actually a clever question. I've seen and had my fair share of customers, "make it rain" on stage. I once had one guy, three separate times in one night, throw $100 of ones on my stage. It was so many ones, that they kind of stuck together and hit me in the face on one occasion... One of the funniest things that has happened.


On your best night, how much money could you probably take home?

Like i said, clubs usually are pretty slow in Oregon. On average, I take home about $200-$500 a night. But, I have made over $500 quite a few times and I have made $1,000 a few times. One night, I got really lucky and I literally made $15,000 off of one guy... So, it really varies, depending on the types of customers that are in the club.


What’s the easiest way to turn a stripper away if a guy doesn’t want a lap dance?

Just politely say no. Try not to be rude, because word travels through to the other dancers and you are less likely to have another girl come up and talk to you.


So... do you ever take dumps at work and go back and put your ass in guy’s faces?

Oh my gosh. This is the realest question I've been asked. Usually, I try to, "poop before I party", but sometimes you can't help it if you're dancing and drinking. I always use multiple baby wipes and body spray after, if I do. Then, you have to get back to work.. There is money to be made. Haha, I can't believe that was a question.


Are you able to spot out the big spenders and the cheapskates?

Usually, you can tell which guys will spend money depending on how they are dressed. Nice clothes = more money and vise versa. Also, if a guy is tipping a lot, 9 times out of 10, he will buy multiple lap dances, if asked.


Do guys ever get “tagged” as the cheapskate customer? If so, how can they redeem themselves?

Some customers frequent the club and are known for not spending money, so most girls won't talk to them. One way to redeem themselves is tipping the girls, buying drinks and most of all, buying lap dances.


Is there anything a guy could say or do to make his $40 lap dance go a little further? 

With me, no. With other girls, maybe. I'm not looking to get fired.


Do strippers often fight in the changing room?

In a little over three years, I've only seen about two fights and they weren't physical. But alcohol is usually involved and girls get crazy sometimes so, we do yell a lot.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen go down while you were working?

I've never really seen anything crazy except a really drunk girl, who fell off the stage while performing. Was pretty entertaining.


Out of curiosity, can you declare exotic dancing for your taxes?  Do you get a W2?

I'm not really sure how to declare taxes on money made while dancing, but I'm sure it can be done.


What goes through your mind when you see the old, perverted, nasty, fat, stank guy eyeing you?

I try to run the other way to the dressing room or to another, younger, less perverted, slimmer guy who smells better.


Do you often shower after you get off of work?

Try to shower ASAP, but sometimes I'm too drunk and don't give a fuck haha.


Everyone wants to know! Is there any sex in the champagne room?

I've never had a guy ask to have sex, but I have had a few ask for blowjobs... But when you get champagne room, you have to pay in advance, so it's wise to behave, because a girl can end the dance at any time and your money will essentially be wasted. Moral of the story: Don't be a perv, and your money will go further!





Have any questions you want us to ask a stripper?  E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit your questions here. To see more of Nikki, you can follow her on Instagram @knotty_nikki or #flawlessfemales. 






Original content written by: WEFUX WITTIT
All photos courtesy of @knotty_nikki (Instagram)
Pole Dancer Graphic in intro by Lee Nathan from the Noun Project

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