Libre Collection by Mbarqgo


Mbarqgo, you have seen their luxury leather travel accessories in magazines, music videos, on celebs ect. ect. ect. If you have not heard of this brand… Please get yourself familiarized. MBARQGO, has joined forces with the Restavek Freedom Foundation in the fight to stand up for the freedom of all children in Haiti. WEFUX WITTIT has always been a fan of this brand for its attention to style and details, master craftsmanship, clever and original artwork, but most of all its handiness and convenience. Mbarqgo’s new Libre collection is nothing short of that. Each item on their Kickstarter page has a different story to tell, the material has a certain meaning behind its use, but the artwork in the linings is what makes these accessories unique and appreciated. 




Mbarqgo spoke to children from the Restavek Freedom Foundation and asked them to draw what freedom meant to them. The results were astonishing and uplifting!



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Each item is a definite conversation piece that will catch the attention of any person walking by. WEFUX WITTIT will be ordering the Le Journal – Freedom Scarf and getting our “Name in the News,” with a customization.


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The official WEFUX WITTIT Tee is almost here. We're soon gonna be giving away free shirts to all our loyal followers. Stay tuned!

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