One Random Girl And'r Social Media (O.R.G.A.S.M.): Paula

If you follow us on Instagram you should know that we post some of the hottest undiscovered girls on social media. So, we came up with an interesting idea. Rather than just ogle these girls and give them shout outs, why don't we get to know them too. We went through our IG page and asked the girls we promoted if they would like to be interviewed for our blog. And a lot of them happily responded.




Meet Paula. She's a bikini fitness competitor from The Netherlands who is gaining steam on social media. As a loyal follower to WEFUX WITTIT, she was the first one to respond to our request. Not only does she have a body that would make every woman on the planet jealous, her personality is really cool as well. We asked her a few questions we had on our minds. Although we couldn't get her to answer any dirty bedroom secrets (we tried!), she does reveal some interesting facts about her workouts, the guys she's attracted to, and her lifestyle.




You seem like you’re very fit! How often do you work out?

Thanks! I work out 5 days a week. The other two days I'm doing only cardio, this because I'm training for a competition in April!


What is your workout regimen?

I don’t have a fixed schedule. I just train my legs 2 times a week, split it up, quads and glutes/booty. I also train my shoulders/ triceps 2 times a week, this because it always was my week spot, so I need to focus on them. And at least my back/ biceps.


What’s one thing about yourself that people would be shocked to know?

Haha, hard to answer yourself.. I really have no clue? Most people think I'm older, but that’s it.. Something other than that.. I have no idea


Which body part do you often get complimented on the most?

Definitely my butt! Thanks to my mom and dad for the good genetics, but it's also hard work and a lot of training!


What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Is it weird that I really can't come up with something? Haha!


What makes you angry?

Not much, I really don’t let my mood depend on other people... anymore. I have learned that if you want to be happy, with your life, your body, it all starts by being happy with yourself.


Do you have any insecurities?

Of course I have! I'm also just a human being haha. Standing on stage and having a jury checking every inch of your body makes you more insecure than ever, but at the same time, this is my body and I love it the way it is. With all the flaws and marks on it! You got to remember that you can change your body, it just takes patience and hard work, but after all you just need to be happy with yourself.    


Everyone is curious! What kind of guys do you like?

I always say I like really Dutch guys, but if I take a look at my ex and stuff, it doesn't fit haha. I can say I like the gym type guys, no not the full anabolic, pumped up guys, but the other gym types. Because the gym life is such a big part of my life, you're looking for somebody with the same passion and drive. And for the rest I think it just depends on the person.


What kind of music do you listen to? Favorite artist?

I like listening to all kinds of music, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in! And no, I don’t have a favorite artist.


What do you usually do on a weekend?

Now days, not much. I'm really boring at the moment, this because I'm dead from the whole week of study and training. I just enjoy it to be home and chill, alone or with friends. But yeah, some weekend I like to go out or take a walk on the beach, I just see what kind of mood I'm in and what I want to do.


What do you wear when you go to bed?

Haha, ehmmm a big t-shirt and panties.


Would you ever have sex with somebody in order to save their life?

Hmmm, never thought about it... but I guess I do it.. hope he's cute! Haha


If you could make the worst tasting pizza, what ingredients would you use?

I hate sea fruits ! I really have nothing with that, so I think putting that on it. 


If you woke up one morning and you were suddenly an ugly fat man with a billion dollars cash, what’s the first thing you would do?

Get a personal coach, get in shape, then you are a sexy man with a billion dollars.... After that buy everything you want and go see the world.


Okay… It’s confession time!Anything you confess to anybody?

Not really..



To find out more about Paula or to see more of her sexy pictures:

Instagram: @Paula_wj

Snapchat: PaulaJanson

















All images courtesy of @paula_wj
Original content by: WEFUX WITTIT


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