Atari Announces the Release of the Ataribox




There was a time when things were much simpler. All we had to worry about was which 4 directions Pacman was gonna  move: up, down left or right. It's been over twenty years since Atari has released any type of game system. Over the years the video game developer failed to keep up with the Microsoft and Sony giants which caused the company to file for bankruptcy protection in 2013. But since venturing into mobile gaming it appears Atari is back on track to becoming a significant player.

During the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Atari unveiled a visual teaser of its latest project — the “Ataribox.” While attendees and others within the gaming community may not have believed in Atari’s ambitious idea, Fred Chesnais, Atari’s CEO has confirmed the company will release another console. There is no specific information about the design and or games that will be unveiled.  Rumors are swirling that it will be a throwback system like Nintendo NES Classic. But Atari says their mystery console will be based off PC technology.

For more up to date information please check out the Ataribox website


Check out the Ataribox teaser below: 










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