Agenda Festival: Long Beach, CA


It was a full day of sneakers, fashion, art, skateboards, food trucks and music. This was the first time Agenda Festival has been featured in Long Beach and it didn't disappoint. With over 500 vendors this year it was impossible to miss out on the lifestyle experience. Most big name brands like Adidas, Converse, Huf, Obey and Patagonia were in full force setting up pop-up shops for everyone to enjoy. The smaller independent brands also flexed their muscle as they showcased their new and innovative products. Although the Agenda show is mainly geared towards the skater community it was an perfect mixture of diverse cultures. 

Aside from the vendor section, the festival also brought on an array of food trucks (which included the chicken and waffles truck.. yes we ate there!) and concerts. Featured artists included Lil' Dicky, Cam'Ron, Ludacris and Tyler the Creator. Attendees also had access to athletes, artists, designers, and influencers at various discussion panels and at meet and greets.

The Agenda Show was created to de-regulate the industry and create an innovative platform with the public.  That line between the brands, retailers and consumers is fading very fast. The whole landscape has changed and will continue to evolve. It's events like these that serves as a platform to help keep up with the industry. 

For more information on future Agenda events check out their website. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram @agendashow to stay connected with the industry. 






















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