Exclusive Michael Jordan Figurine (6 Photos)

In honor of their 10th anniversary celebration, hk-kicks.com has joined forces with ENTERBAY to make an exclusive Michael Jordan figurine.

This exclusive release re-creates his likeliness from his 1996 NBA Finals uniform. The figurine includes everything from a metallic gold Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy embroidery on the “Home” white jersey, black socks, and MJ’s black/red Air Jordan XI to the Chicago Bulls’ classic white warm-ups, a Spalding basketball, and more.

Each art piece was made with exquisite articulation as each are hand painted and head sculpt. Each unit will come with 5 sets of interchangable hands.

Only 500 figurines will be made with 123 sets available exclusively through a special Instagram contest.

Here’s how you can win:

  1. Follow @hleung13 on Instagram.
  2. Post a screenshot of your Jordan collection (maximum of 3 photos) on Instagram.
  3. Include hashtag #EBMJHKK10 and @hleung13 in the image description.
  4. Include your email in the image description.
  5. Make sure your Instagram account is not “Private” so they can view your photos.


For more info check out hk-kicks.com

Check out the gallery below

(Click to enlarge)

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