It’s About Time You Discover…1LoveIE

Justin Hudson is bringing something different to the clothing world, community, and the Inland Empire that has been deeply missed and seriously needed.

Justin Hudson, a Riverside, California native, started his clothing line with a positive and passionate purpose behind it. He created his clothing brand with intents to bring proper recognition and respect to a place wear he was nurtured, loved, and raised, the Inland Empire.

“As 1 we create peace, LOVE and unity for every community around the world starting from the IE.” Justin’s profound mission statement has caught a lot of attention from very popular sneaker heads like @Kicks0l0gy and @airmagknows to NFL Superbowl athletes Bobby Wagner @bwagz54 and Omar Bolden @os_island and even The Mayor of Riverside.

He has earned several endorsements not only from the words of his motto but from his compassionate actions of kindness. Justin and his friends have been involved with numerous activities that give back to the community. The 1LoveIE team are busy in soup kitchens, food banks, fundraising money for training diabetic service dogs, and donating their personal time reading to elementary school children. It is no wonder why the 1LoveIEbrand has caught the attention of local magazine, the Inland Empire, and received the award for Best Show of Enthusiasm in their January 2014 issue.

This is a innovative clothing brand that has a progressive and proactive movement behind it that has been lacking in the clothing game. I feel that the majority of clothing lines now  have no real meaning or substance. If I’m going to spend money on a clothing item, why not do it in support for the community around you.


twitter: @1LOVEIE


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