Okay. So you want to know the story? Well… we’re not gonna bore you with all the insignificant details and ya ya about our lives. Let us just give you the gist of who we are. We’re just a few childhood friends from Los Angeles who share a common appetite: SNEAKERS, GIRLS and a side of COMEDY. We've been blessed with the support of our fans and have grown into what we are today. WEFUX WITTIT is not just a dope homonym that we use for business purposes. It's a cultural calling card that expresses what everyone feels when they see some hype shit! It defines the next trend we are gettin into amongst our closest friends. It's an immortal phrase that will be passed on to future generations. So next time when those new Jordan's drop... or if you see a girl with a big ol’ booty... you and your friends look at each other dead in the eye and shout... WEFUX WITTIT!

Coming Soon...

The official WEFUX WITTIT Tee is almost here. We're soon gonna be giving away free shirts to all our loyal followers. Stay tuned!

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