BooM: Wooden Brim Caps by TWO-O

For decades we have been forced to wear whatever design a hat brand throws our way. Companies such as New Era, Yupoong, etc, give us thousands of colorways but always leave us with a plain looking, cardboard covered brim with that horrendous green fabric underneath. Well all that is about to change. TWO-O is switching the game up with their modern twist on old fashioned headwear. The Amsterdam-based startup company introduces BooM! A classic cap laced with a wooden brim. Being dubbed as "The coolest cap in the world", it unifies fashion with craftsmanship.


The BooM Collection come in two types of crown: one made of acrylic fibers and another one made of melton wool fibers. The brims come in either Oak or Walnut species and can be customized with a laser engraved design. Every cap is unique due to the grains on the wood, so no one hat will ever look the same. With all the options and craftsmanship, TWO-O may have revolutionized the way we style our heads forever.

Want to put some timber on your head? Fund their Kickstarter campaign here. Check out TWO-O's website for more info on the company and other wooden accessories.










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